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April 12, 2010

Why Franchise?

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Why purchase an IREA-AII Franchise?

Our business model is proven to work, and provides proven returns on investment – IREA-AII franchise holders break even within the first year of franchising. The IREA-AII have a vested interest in your success, which means we supply ongoing commercial and technical support throughout the term of your franchise contract.

Why is the IREA-AII Franchising?

We see it as a win-win situation. By franchising our portals to dedicated people with a desire to succeed, we continue to raise the profile of our business and expand our reach in the market. This allows us to provide a better service for our clients and increases profitability.

In return we provide an excellent commercial opportunity for our franchise holders. The risks and responsibilities are greatly reduced due to forming a part of our established network, yet the yields are very high. We  know our system to work well for both franchisees and clients, which gives us confidence in promoting our portals as one of the most viable online business opportunities on the market.

Which resources will the IREA-AII allocate to the franchisee?

International Real Estate Alliance IREA-AII will allocate the following resources to the franchisee. These costs are covered by the monthly royalty.

1. The IREA-AII provides the franchisee with an online real estate advertising portal with the following characteristics:
a. The portal is delivered online, operational and ready to generate income, and includes the IREA-AII’s entire database for potential buyers to search for properties.
b. The portal allows visitors to place advertisements for the sale or rent of property, making the corresponding payment by credit card.
c. The portal has all the necessary security measures, including Security Verified SSL Certificates.
d. The portal has a credit card payment processing system, which processes the payment immediately, then sends the corresponding percentage to the account of the franchisee on a monthly basis.
e. The portal has a control panel so that clients can access their advertisements via a username and password to add to or change them.
f. The control panel also provides information to the franchisee about potential customers who have not completed the registration process. Thus, the franchisee may contact these potential customers and assist them in the completion of their listing.
g. The portal has a technical support service, including regulalry scheduled updates, the costs of which are borne by the IREA-AII.
h. The portal offers a hosting service, which is operated, managed and maintained by the IREA-AII.
i. The portal is equipped with the PRE computer system, which allows the advertisements on a franchisee’s site to be published automatically on all portals in the IREA-AII group.
2. The IREA-AII invests heavily in improvements and maintenance of the entire franchise network (in terms of hardware) to ensure proper operation thereof.
3. The IREA-AII has specialized software experts dedicated to making continual improvements to the software (server maintenance, security and customer support).
4. The IREA-AII has an extensive infrastructure on multiple servers with multiple connectivity providers, which are used by franchisees to operate.
5. The IREA-AII provides each franchisee with their own telephone number, which will be diverted to the office phone of the franchisee.
6. The IREA-AII also has telephone lines in Spain, UK, USA, Mexico and Argentina, for better customer service.
7. The IREA-AII will assign a specialist to train the franchisee, and conduct regular online meetings with franchisees to update and exchange information with them, to improve customer service, as well as increase sales effectiveness to increase the benefits of the franchisee.

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