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April 12, 2010

Franchise Testimonials

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UK Franchise:

Franchise Holder: Patricia Logan

As a former estate agent, I realised the importance of Internet advertising, especially when traditional advertising media like television, radio and newspapers can be very costly. I wanted to provide property brokers with the most effective way to get their properties seen by potential buyers, so I became an IREA-AII franchise holder. Now I am able to meet the high demand for professional Internet advertising services for an affordable and realistic price.

My franchise, Birmingham Estate Agents, sells advertising space to estate agencies – and in fact I found out about the IREA-AII from a former colleague, who had recently advertised properties on one of the IREA-AII websites. The sales pitch that had convinced her to advertise was what convinced me to enquire about the franchise: my website and my clients’ listings in Google top 10 for their respective keywords (Birmingham Estate Agents, for example), and a website with a PageRank 4, indicating a high reputation and guaranteed traffic flow.

I prefer to be self-employed, and I did not want high set-up or maintenance costs, so the fact that I can work from home, with standard home office equipment was another deciding factor in choosing to franchise an IREA-AII website. Having been an estate agent, I know what my clients want, and with the IREA-AII training and business plan I can offer them exactly that.

US Franchise:

Franchise Holders: Susanna Morgan and Partners

My business partners and I have always endeavored to provide long-term advertising solutions that can be expanded upon in the future rather than become phased out when new technology is developed. The IREA-AII has a history of upgrading and reinventing itself, which really struck a chord with us. My partners and I have two other online marketing ventures together, and adding an IREA-AII franchise to our portfolio seemed a logical next step in our progression.

Our clients are real estate agents in the Miami area, who benefit from and capitalize on the strategic partnership developed between our holding company and the IREA-AII. The partnership enables us to provide a state-of-the-art real estate advertising service, through a PageRank 4 website. This gives clients measurable results, such as seeing their listings rank highest in a Google search – which in turn ensures increased sales figures for both our clients and ourselves.

To see for yourself how effective our website is, simply enter ‘Miami Real Estate Directory’ into a search engine and you will see our website in the top 10 results. We are currently under negotiation with the IREA-AII to add a further two portals to our franchise, and foresee a continued expansion throughout our franchise term.

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